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Modular belt conveyor systems, otherwise known as plastic chain conveyors or plastic belt conveyors, are used to carry a variety of products. From lightweight products to heavy loads or materials, these conveyor systems are utilized in several industries, including packaging, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and food and beverage. Designed with steel and aluminum bases, these conveyor systems are easier to install than other systems. The modularity and flexibility of these systems allow you to satisfy layout requirements simply and easily.

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Benefits of Plastic Belt & Food Grade Conveyors

Modular belt conveyor systems have a multitude of benefits that influence their popularity. These conveyor systems are particularly known for their high speeds, positive tracking, drainage, air flow and accumulation. The modular belt conveyors also feature hinged and interlocking segments that form the belt. This feature allows for damaged sections of the belt to be replaced rather than replacing the entire belt, reducing the downtime and belt replacement costs. With so many benefits, it is no wonder why modular belt conveyor systems are among the best and most used in the industry.

For more details regarding our modular belt conveyor systems, please contact your St. Cyr, Inc. representative today. Your representative will be able to inform you of the variety of models we carry as well as help you determine which model will work best for you to complete your task. 

Add-ons are also available for the modular belt conveyor systems, allowing you to customize and boost the performance of the system. At St. Cyr, Inc. conveyor systems, we strive to help you accomplish your tasks in a simple yet efficient manner with the usage of our conveyor systems. 

If you have been looking for a modular belt conveyor system, St. Cyr, Inc. has all you’ve been looking for and more! So, contact us today to see just how much we can do for you.