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Heavy-duty roller conveyor systems are used when normal-duty conveyors are not wide or robust enough for the weight or the type of product being convoyed. When needed, heavy-duty conveyors may carry products up inclines.

If you require pallets and other materials to be transported at any time, heavy-duty roller conveyors are the best at transporting these large, heavy items without causing them damage or breaking down

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Rely on St. Cyr, Inc. for your pallet handling needs

St. Cyr, Inc. understands the importance of conveyor systems working properly so there is no down time and all projects are completed at a steady pace. If you work with heavy or bulky loads, we highly recommend the heavy-duty roller. This conveyor is able to carry heavy loads with ease, whereas regular conveyors may break down or be unable to move the load. These conveyor systems are constructed with heavy gauge frames with stiffeners, heavy-weight and low-stretch belts, and robust drives. Heavy-duty roller conveyors are commonly used to handle parcels, footed pallets, and a large flow of product.

For more details regarding our heavy-duty roller conveyor systems, please contact your St. Cyr, Inc. representative today. Your representative will be able to inform you of the variety of models we carry, as well as help you determine which model will work best for you to complete your task. Add-ons are also available for the heavy-duty roller conveyor systems, allowing you to customize and boost the performance of the system.

At St. Cyr, Inc., we strive to help you accomplish your tasks in a simple yet efficient manner with the usage of our conveyor systems. If you have been looking for a modular conveyor system, St. Cyr, Inc. has all you’ve been looking for and more! So, contact us today to see just how much we can do for you.