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& Conveyor

Gravity conveyor systems provide a system to move loads without the usage of a power source, therefore relying on the usage of gravity or another external force to move the load. These conveyors are composed of metal or composite chutes, rollers, or skateboard conveyors. Gravity conveyors are the most economical material handling solutions and are easy to both install and relocate, as motorized parts do not weigh the machine down. These can be installed in a variety of manners, including at an incline or on a straight line.

Gravity & COnveyor Accessories We Offer

FX 220 / 226 Extendible
Skate Wheel Rails

The FX 220/226 extendible skate wheel rails are a proven performer for trailer loading and unloading. These conveyors are primarily suited for packaging, shipping, and flexible assembly lines due to the steel structural support and 1 ¼ inch aluminum side plates. For additional flexibility and usage, we recommend ordering the optional leg connect bracks that help lock units together.

36 SR 3.6" DIA
Heavy Duty Roller

Our 36 SR 3.6” Dia heavy-duty roller is designed and constructed to convey heavy loads. This includes, but is not limited to, loads of pallets and castings in the steel industry and other manufacturing operations that require heavy-duty equipment. Depending on applications, rollers may be set to high or low in the conveyor frame. Bearings are available as an additional add-on for these rollers.

19 GSR / 199 SR 1.9" DIA
Medium Duty Roller

The 19 GSR/199 SR 1.9” Dia medium duty roller is designed for medium loads and is available with either 16 ga. rollers or 9 ga. rollers. These models feature butt couplings, high or low settings depending on varying applications and steel frames.

19 GSRC Curve

Our 19 GSRC curve is a gravity roller curve conveyor with a 1.9 inch diameter and 9 ga. unplated rollers. These conveyors can carry a large capacity and feature high low settings for various applications, butt couplings and powder-painted steel frames.

SSR / SAR 1 3/8" DIA
Light Duty ROller

The SSR/SAR 1 ⅜” dia light duty roller is used to carry lightweight packages and is one of the best conveyors on the market for when operation requires lightweight sections. These conveyors are useful for setting up either permanent or temporary conveyor lines. The SSR/SAR conveyors are widely used in warehousing, shipping departments and assembly areas due to the fact that a majority of the products on the conveyor will convey with minimum pitch.

25 SR 2.5" DIA
Heavy Duty Roller

Our 25 SR 2.5” diameter heavy-duty roller is a gravity roller spur that comes in a variety of measurements and models suitable for any project. These heavy-duty rollers feature steel frames with bolt-in cross members set high, a heavy load capacity and butt couplings for bolting sections together.

25 SR 2.5" DIA
Heavy Duty Roller

The 25 SRCT tapered roller curve is a heavy-duty roller curve gravity conveyor that aids in the alignment of packages, cartons, and materials. These conveyors feature 12 widths, welded frame spacers, and a high setting.
We offer all of these conveyors as well as so many more! At St. Cyr, Inc., we offer only the industry’s leading brands and models of conveyor systems. If you are interested in purchasing gravity conveyor systems, you should contact your St. Cyr, Inc. representative today!