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Drag chain conveyor systems are the most effective and efficient method to move bulky materials and products in order to transfer them from point to point. These systems are equipped with the industry’s most durable chain and constructed with a case-hardened exterior to protect the soft and malleable core of the system. With this combination, our drag chain conveyor system operates at the highest level of efficiency and resistance as the design reduces the risk of breakage and stress.

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Benefits of Accumulating & Sortation

Drag chain conveyor systems are popular for their wide variety of benefits, especially for those working within the material handling industry. Their ease of use makes them great for accumulating and sorting fine materials.

  • These conveyor systems have dust-proof and weather-proof housing and have only two lubrication points for easy maintenance and efficiency.
  • Our drag chain conveyor systems are known for moving materials and products carefully, at a variety of inclines, with minimum degradation.
  • These systems are by far the most affordable, and our clients love that drag chain conveyors make the most efficient usage of space.