General Transport
Conveyors are

Belt-over conveyor systems are constructed with belt-over slider beds or roller beds. Belt-over conveyor beds are primarily used when live roller conveyors are not an appropriate solution or for application-specific needs. The belt surface offers product support, accurate flow control and grip on the product.

At St. Cyr, Inc. Conveyor Systems, we offer belt-over conveyor systems in the following models.

General Transport Conveyors We Offer

RB ROller Bed

Our RB roller bed conveyors are designed to move heavy loads. This is one of the top belt-over conveyors on the market today due to its amazing design features and flawless applications. The roller bed design of the conveyor reduces belt friction and allows for a large capacity. Some features of this conveyor are its 15 belt widths, center drive and system ends. The belt is also reversible and the roller is able to pop out.

RBI Roller Bed

Our RBI roller bed incline is a floor-to-floor incline conveyor equipped with an adjustable discharge end to ensure the smoothest transition from the incline to the horizontal plane possible. The incline on these conveyors may be adjusted up to thirty degrees and may be used as a booster in gravity flow systems. The RBI roller bed incline features a pop-out roller, power feeder and center drive; it is even reversible. These are some of our best-selling belt-over conveyors and have come highly recommended by several clients.

SB Slider Belt

The SB slider belt conveyor is designed with channel frames and bolt-in pans. This simple frame design is ideal for roller belt conveyors. These conveyors include center drives, system ends, pop-out rollers and adjustable floor supports. Our SB slider belt conveyors are the industry’s classic blet-over conveyor and are a personal favorite at St. Cyr Inc.!

SBI Slider Belt
Incline Conveyor

The SBI slider belt incline conveyor is a floor-to-floor incline conveyor. This belt-over conveyor is equipped with an adjustable double nose-over to ensure a safe and smooth transfer from the incline to the horizontal plane. The incline of this conveyor is able to be adjusted up to thirty degrees. Our SBI slider belt conveyor includes center drives, reversible functions, brake motors, and pop-out rollers, and may be used in gravity flow systems.

TA Medium Duty
Slider Belt Conveyor

Our TA medium duty slider bed conveyor is a versatile conveyor as it has been used in several material-handling situations, including, but not limited to, sorting, packing and inspection. This conveyor is easily set up in an efficient amount of time, thus saving time on installation. The TA medium-duty slider bed conveyor includes a smooth and slim bed, reversible functions, and adjustable floor supports.