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Hytrol's E24™ - 24 Volt DC Conveyor

Hytrol's E24™ provides the industry with the 24-volt DC conveying solution customers have wanted for many years. E24™ sets the standard by delivering a powerful, long-lasting, low voltage means for product transportation. Because E24™ is a Hytrol innovation; it also works great with EZLogic® zero pressure accumulation systems.

Imagine a line of conveyors and accessories that are friendly to both the operator and the environment, but require no scheduled preventative maintenance – that's E24™.

Featured Solutions

Diverter/Converger Table

Lane Diverter/Converger
  • Directs product from multiple lanes of one process to selected lanes of another process.
  • Flow controls all for quick lane selection changes.
  • Enclosed Lexan cover for safety and visibility.