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Manufacturers of Specialty & Spiral Conveyors

Portec Specialty & Spiral Conveyors

Portec's specialty material handling equipment has been incorporated in airport baggage handling systems, mail and parcel handling, manufacturing, retail distribution, food processing facilities, cement plants, fertilizer plants, salt plants, masonry plants, etc. around the world. Portec has produced equipment to handle a wide ranges of products from light electronics to refrigerators.

With heavy duty durability, simple maintenance, quiet operation and high speeds the fact that Portec conveyors built in the late 1950s are still operating on a daily basis even in harsh and unforgiving environments offers substantial evidence to the durability and overall function of Portec Flomaster conveyor.

Portec's product line includes:

  • Belt Power Curves
  • Spiral Lifts
  • Spiral Curves
  • Chutemaster®
  • Angle-Flo®
  • Spiral Tote Slide
  • Low Profile Curves
  • Z-Turn® Belt Curve
  • Spiral Chute With Skate Wheels
  • Queue-Flo
  • Powered Face Diverters
  • Belt Merge
  • Knife-Edge® Curve

Portec Belt Power Curves Portec Spiral Lifts Portec Angle-Flo® Merger/Diverger Portec Z-Turn® Belt Curve

Ryson Spiral Conveyors

Ryson specializes in Spiral Conveyors and other Vertical Conveying Solutions. Ryson products include Spiral Conveyors, Spiral Curves, Mass Flow Spirals, Continuous Lifts, Vertical Accumulation Buffers, Bucket Elevators, Incline and Decline slat Conveyors. All products can be delivered in powder coated carbon steel, stainless steel, wash down or freezer versions.

Ryson is committed to a continuous product development program and to maintain our market leadership position. Ryson products support green an sustainable efforts in many ways. They consume less energy and need less floor space than conventional methods. Ryson products require little maintenance and have a very low noise level. All bearings are sealed for life and do not need further lubrication. Ryson Mass Flow Spirals do not need water lubricants for proper flow. All Ryson products are modular in design and are easily convertible in the field to meet emerging needs.

Ryson Spiral Conveyor Ryson High Capacity Spiral Convyor Ryson Slat Conveyor

AmbaFlex Specialty Conveyors

AmbaFlex focuses exclusively on the development, production and marketing of "Specialty Conveyors". AmbaFlex spiral elevators, flexible conveyors or dynamic accumulators fulfil a key role in many packaging, bottling and printing lines as well as a logistical link in distribution. AmbaFlex Specialty Conveyors is supplier of the SpiralVeyor® and AmbaVeyor and a promotion agency for AccuVeyor®. AccuVeyor's are sold exclusively via AccuVeyor Systems bv and AccuVeyor bv.


AmbaFlex SpiralVeyor®The SpiralVeyor® family of Spiral Conveyors offers a complete range of elevators for all types of products and applications.

The AmbaFlex Spiral conveyor is a compact and high throughput solution for up or down elevation. It is known for its simplicity. No controls are needed. The Spiral conveyor provides a continuous product flow and it is simple and reliable as a normal straight conveyor. The compact spiral-shaped track is the key to its unique compact construction that saves valuable floor space.

The application range is wide, from the handling of individual parcels or totes to handling of packed items such as shrink-wrapped bottle packs or cartons or the handling of single mass flow items such as bottles and cans. The SpiralVeyor® is applied in filling and packing lines, airports, post automation and warehousing.


AmbaFlex AccuVeyor®The AccuVeyor® family of Dynamic Accumulators provides the efficiency-enhancing functionality of fully dynamic first-in-first-out buffering. These in-line buffers can extend their accumulation capacity as dictated by the speed difference between in and out flowing items.

The efficiency gain of the AccuVeyor® is achieved by uncoupling the speed differences and micro stops between the up and down stream machinery, such as between a filling and labeling line, between packing and palletizing and between a sorting system and shipment. The elimination of stops enhances the line availability up to 15% thereby speeding up production and improving the costs of amortization.

The AccuVeyor® is compact, simple and economically priced. A complete range of Accumulators is available for all kind of applications. Designed for aseptic filling lines, individual bottles and jars, packaged unstable items such as bottle packs and tote accumulation.


AmbaFlex AmbaVeyorThe unique AmbaVeyor represents an economical and low cost solution for conveying products from A to B with a minimum of transfers.

The AmbaVeyor is a modular conveyor that can be installed either on a turnkey basis or in modules for on-site assembly. The conveyor integrates curves, inclines and straight segments between its drive and tail unit. Configurations with one continuous belt can achieve a length of over 50 metres using a single drive. The belt comes in a width range of 200-600 mm.