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Habasit Modular Plastic Belts

Habasit products are integrated into virtually every area of industry requiring automation. Habasit belts have been used in the textile, paper, printing, postal, food, materials handling, airport, wood processing, automotive and business machinery industries, among others.

  • Standard conveyor belts
  • Food conveyor and processing belts
  • Tobacco conveyor and processing belts
  • High duty conveyor and processing belts
  • Non-woven belts
  • Printing blankets
  • Crosslapper belts
  • High temperature belts
  • Solid woven belts

Intralox Modular Plastic Belts

Intralox modular plastic belts come in any number of styles, materials and colors.

  • Styles: Straight Belts, Radius Belts, Chains
  • Tops: Flat Top, Flush Grid, Raised Rib, Open Hinge, Friction Top, Roller Top, Perforated Flat Top, Mesh Top, Non Skid, Open Grid, Mini Rib, Nub Top, Cone Top.
  • Common Materials: Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Acetal.
  • Special Materials: Electrically Conductive Acetal, High Strength Electrically Conductive Acetal, Heat Resistant Nylon, Impact Resistant Nylon, Abrasion Resistant Nylon, Flame Retardant Thermoplastic Polyester, Polypropylene Composite, Detectable Polypropylene, X-ray Detectable Acetal, High Speed Intralon™, Enduralox™ Polypropylene.
  • Colors: White, Gray, Black, Blue, Red, Green, Tan, Yellow, Brown, Natural.

Uni-chains Modular Plastic Belts

Ammeraal Beltech, under the brandname uni-chains, set new standards in modular belting technology with our new generation uni Flex ASB side flexing belts. These belts are the perfect solution to combine straight and side flexing belts in one smooth running conveyor.

Together with the unique pin-less uni Flex ONE tight radius side flexing belt, we offer the best solutions for many spiral systems in drying, proving, cooling, chilling or freezing applications.

The wide range of straight uni-chains plastic modular belts offer proven solutions in Corrugated, Automotive, Food (bakery, meat & poultry, snack food, vegetable) and Packaging applications.