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From the deep woods of Oregon to an offshore rig in Alaska. From a stone quarry in Ohio to the ports of Los Angeles. Wherever machinery moves - that's where you'll find SEW-EURODRIVE products and people hard at work driving US industry forward. In fact, their innovative power transmission solutions set the global standard in rugged, high-torque performance up to 450,000 lb-in. From the heaviest loads to the harshest environments, their applications specific solutions are engineered to deliver maximum reliability and efficiency - day in, and day out.

Gearmotors & Frequency Inverters

  • Standard Gearmotors
  • Motors
  • MOVITRAC® Frequency Inverter
  • MOVIDRIVE® B Drive Inverter

Servo Technology

  • Servo Gear Unit / Geared Servomotor
  • Motors
  • MOVIDRIVE® Single-Axis Servo Inverter

Drive System for Decentralized

  • Fieldbus Interface / Field Distributor MOVIMOT